Davisville members love tennis and we get out to play as often as we can. You can find a match at the club on almost any day and time with someone of your level. Even after it has rained, our court stewards will be out there to dry off courts to make sure that our playing time at the club is maximized.

At the heart of our playing time is our unique court reservation system. It allows our members to play a lot and meet a wide variety of other players at the same time. You simply put up your tag with others of the same rating, and then you are playing!

Outside of regular play, we offer House League’s on select Saturday evenings (prearranged games with people at your level), Fun Round Robins on some weekend mornings, and player improvement days on Sunday (you can tag up or down by .5 on that day without permission). For those that are new to the game, we also delegate Wednesday’s as Beginner’s Night to help you find more people to play with at the club.

The best way to make the club work for you is to come out a lot and take advantage of all that we have to offer. It won’t take long for you to become part of the group that are often here, that people recognize and that will soon be your friends.