Answer: “Yes. As of 2020 all summer camp participants must be members.”

Answer : “Yes. We accept all levels of play. Our “Progressive Tennis” system and “Pathways Program” allow for everyone to take part, improve, have fun and feel comfortable right away.” 

Answer: “We provide all the balls for our programs. We can supply racquets if needed, however, we do encourage that each player brings their own.”

Answer: “Our player to coach ratio is 6:1 (six players to one coach). However, due to our “Drop In” option, ratios may reach 8:1 (eight players to one coach).”

Answer: “Yes. We do our best to accommodate all requests.”

Answer : “Athletic shoes, clothing they can move in and a water bottle. For Summer Camps, each player is encouraged to bring a small snack. Players will not be allowed to play in sandals, flip flops or Crocs.”

Answer: “We accept cash, cheque and email money transfer (EMT). All cheques should be made payable to Brian Ahlberg.”

Answer: “Yes. We confirm every registration we receive. If you mailed or emailed your registration but have not received a confirmation, then we have not received your forms.”

Junior Program Answer: “During rain or if the courts are wet, programs are likely postponed or cancelled. “
Summer Camp Answer: “No. In the event of rain or wet courts, our Summer Camps head indoors to the Club House. While inside, we play lots of fun games, watch kid appropriate movies and entertain the players as best we can while we attempt to make the courts playable.”

Tennis courts use a special paint, when wet, this paint can become very slippery which can lead to injury. At Davisville, we put the safety of our players and staff above everything else.

Answer: “All of our communication is done via email.”

Answer: “Although our coaches are able to improve player performance of any level, our junior program is geared towards more of a recreational to early competitive stream. If you are looking for a provincial level program, please don’t hesitate to ask our advice.”