What makes us different

Davisville Tennis Club is a very active and social community tennis club operating in the heart of Toronto (Mt. Pleasant and Davisville). Over the course of the summer months, we endeavour to give our members a truly unique and positive experience that comes from sharing moments and time with your DTC friends.

Davisville Tennis Club offers its members a unique experience. Every member has a tag at the club that is used to reserve court time. It displays their name and rating level. As a courtesy, all members should be present at least five minutes prior to their reserved court time. If you are more than 10 minutes late, your court time may be forfeited. For information about our Tagging System, click here.

Court Stewards are responsible for the smooth operation of the Tagging Board, including enforcement of tag-up rules.

In order for the Tagging system to work as it is designed, each member’s tag contains his/her tennis skill level. To find out more about how the rating system works, click here.

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