House League

New in 2019: this team competition happens on Tuesday nights

More than 110 members participate during the season

To sign up come by the club house in April 13, Opening day. After that, you can email Nina at

House League - general information

House League had its debut few years ago and it was initiated in order to give our members an opportunity to play doubles tennis in a team atmosphere, in a competitive setting. Players are divided in 6 teams, each team is squared against another team in Men’s Doubles, Ladies Doubles and Mixed Doubles. The captain of each team decides the line-up, but we encourage equal play. At the end of the season, we count the points and we declare a Winner! Each year the prize for the winning team changes, but in general the bragging rights are way above the value of the prize. You can sign up to play House League during Opening day or afterwards, either through our club stewards or by sending an email to Nina at Important note: only players rated 3.0 and above can play in this event. In 2019 season, all matches are going to happen on TUESDAYS, after 7pm. The calendar for 2019 will be published soon.

2018 Teams - inspired by Tennis Legends

Team 1: Don’t Murray, Be Happy

C: Isabel Gerety

Philipp Afeche
Lucie Barbera
Chris Boyce
Sally Chow
Clare Dennis
Kris Dmytrenko
John Ebach
Nicole Hung
Allison Barnard
Eunice Jang
Peter Johnson
Andrew Kwon
Felipe Pimentel
Fernand Polanco
Stacey Ryan
Paul Serafini
Anson Tang
Catherine Trepanier
Eddy Young

Team 2. Simply Smashing

C: Mark Tran
Co C: Wendy DiRisio

Margaret Barry
Ricardo Brandao
Terry Brodie
Patricia Demestre
Jack Ehling
Johnny Gomez
Vicky Kovacs
Anton Kovalchuck
JP Krivas
Joanne Nevison
Glen Oldford
Jasmine Sachdeva
Dale Scott
Ben Song
Juliana Tibbet
Manny Urbino
Amelia Nedovich

Team 3: Bjorn to Win

C: Gene Parker

Chris Albertyn
Jonquil Bathurst
Elicia Clements
Jeff Coutts
Steve Du
Callie Dunne
James Emery
Brian Koturbash
Alicia Mair
Miguel Mendoza
Kelly Nolan
Tony Oliveira
Don Park
Sarah Rogers
Tommy Uda
Rob Waldford
Kathryn Webb
Wei Yang

Team 4: Fedal: King of the Courts

C: Harish Arav

Michael Bilyk
Marc Bulman
Alison Byrne
Lisa Cheng
Michael Codrington
Laura Honey
Mira Ilic
Mel Johnson
Simon Kantor
Diane Kilcoyne
Eva Lamb
Louise Leger
Peter McIntyre
Abby Moore
Adam Nathanson
Paul Nguyen
Doug Porter
Chetan Premjee

Team 5: The Empty Nestors

C: Ashli MacInnis

Jim Amar
Katherine Capitano
Darlene Chow
Connor Gibbons
Alex Moore
Alireza Nahavandi
Mercedes Nolan
Lyn Ogilvy
Maxwell Radway
Colin Sampaleanu
Gaya Sathiyamoorthy
Devlin Selkridge
Philip Shyu
Jasmina Simunic
Marilyn Spiegel
Bharat Wadhwana
Andrea White
Yevgeny Yablonovsky

Team 6: We Can’t Be Serious

C: Martin Chang-Kue

Rebecca Barclay
Damian Chan
Margaret Chu
Faith Creasor
Jelena Crnokrack
Alexander Gatzios
Maria Gatzios
Karen Gorecki
Jeffrey Murakami
Andres Rivadeneira
Sudarshan Sathiyamoorthy
Allison Sharpe
Victor Shen
Ursula Stoyanovich
Nebojsa Stulic
Stuart Teather
Andrew Hansen
Linda Wood
Ikoro Warner

House League Current Results





Simply Smashing - 7/10 matches




Bjorn to Win - 6/10 matches




We Can't Be Serious - 6/10 matches




Don't Murray, Be Happy - 5/10 matches




Empty Nestors - 6/10 matches




Fedal - King of the Court - 6/10 matches




House League rules and regulations


Players need to be ready to go on court and play at their allocated start time.
Players needing to use the bathroom, re-grip a racquet, etc. will be considered late if they are not ready to play.

Matches starting at 7:00pm must be starting play by 7:05pm. Players should warm up, stretching volleying, etc. ahead of time.

Players arriving 5 minutes late will forfeit their warmup.
Players arriving 20 minutes late will forfeit their first set.
Players arriving 30 minutes late will forfeit the match.

Later matches will start as your courts become available, but player will not be considered late for a match until the official start time.
Matches that are late starting will be considered started as soon as courts are available with the penalties above applying.


2 new balls and scorecards will be provided for each match
5 minute warmup – including serves
Spin for serve
No first in
Best of 3 sets format
A team must win 4 games to win a set with a regular tie break (first to 7, win by 2) at 3 all
Super Tie Break for a third set (first to 10, win by 2)
Serve Order is maintained throughout the match.


Each match played is worth 1 point. After games, sets are counted and then games
Each House League Team will play each other team 2 times for a total of 10 matches.


Each fixture will include:

1 Ladies’ Doubles; 2 Men’s Doubles; 3 Mixed Doubles

The format may change after 5 weeks.

Sudden death deuce after 1 regular deuce.
Deuce is receiver choice or male/male, female/female in Mixed matches.

2018 Schedule

 Court 1Court 2Court 3Court 4Court 5Court 6
August 9, 2018   The Empty NestorsDon’t Murray, Be HappyFedal – King of the Court
    Don’t Murray, Be HappyThe Empty NestorsWe Can’t Be Serious
August 30, 2018Simply SmashingWe Can’t be SeriousFedal-King of the CourtDon’t Murray, Be HappyBjorn to WinThe Empty Nestors
 We Can’t be SeriousSimply SmashingDon’t Murray, Be HappyFedal-King of the CourtThe Empty NestorsBjorn to Win
September 6, 2018The Empty NestorsSimply SmashingWe Can’t Be SeriousBjorn to WinDon’t Murray, Be HappyFedal – King of the Court
 Simply SmashingThe Empty NestorsBjorn to WinWe Can’t Be SeriousFedal – King of the CourtDon’t Murray, Be Happy
September 13, 2018We Can’t Be SeriousDon’t Murray, Be HappyFedal – King of the CourtThe Empty NestorsSimply SmashingBjorn to Win
 Don’t Murray, Be HappyWe Can’t Be SeriousThe Empty NestorsFedal – King of the CourtBjorn To WinSimply Smashing

September 20 – Rain out (if necessary)


Please email with any question or interest – we may add new players 1/2 way through

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