House League

2018 House League

Our House League has moved to Thursday nights.  We have 100 people registered for the teams and so we are going to have a great year.



Players need to be ready to go on court and play at their allocated start time.
Players needing to use the bathroom, re-grip a racquet, etc. will be considered late if they are not ready to play.

Matches starting at 7:00pm must be starting play by 7:05pm.  Players should warm up, stretching volleying, etc. ahead of time.

Players arriving 5 minutes late will forfeit their warmup.
Players arriving 20 minutes late will forfeit their first set.
Players arriving 30 minutes late will forfeit the match.

Later matches will start as your courts become available, but player will not be considered late for a match until the official start time.
Matches that are late starting will be considered started as soon as courts are available with the penalties above applying.



2 new balls and scorecards will be provided for each match
5 minute warmup - including serves
Spin for serve
No first in
Best of 3 sets format
A team must win 4 games to win a set with a regular tie break (first to 7, win by 2) at 3 all
Super Tie Break for a third set (first to 10, win by 2)
Serve Order is maintained throughout the match.
Sudden death deuce after 1 regular deuce.
Deuce is server choice or male/male, female/female in Mixed matches.



Each match played is worth 1 point.  After games, sets are counted and then games
Each House League Team will play each other team 2 times for a total of 10 matches.



Each fixture will include:

7:00 Women's Doubles 1 & Women's Doubles 2

8:00 Men's 3 Doubles & Mixed 1 Doubles

9:00 Men's 1 Doubles & Men's 2 Doubles


Schedule - to be published once teams are finalized.


May 3   May 10   May 17   May 24 (1/2)   May 31

June 14   July 5 (1/2)   

July 19 (1/2)   

August 9 (1/2)   August 30

September 6   September 13—Rain out   September 20—Rain out



Please email with any question or interest - we may add new players 1/2 way through the season.