Our board of directors

Stuart Teather – President

Stuart has been a Davisville member for the past 17 years — and our esteemed leader for 14 of them! Aside from his long tenure as president, he has held many other leadership roles, including stints as treasurer and heading up socials, player development and communications. He’s been a men’s B and mixed B doubles champion and says he is still “searching for the elusive B singles” win. Stuart started playing tennis with his grandfather in Southampton, Ont. As if he isn’t busy enough leading DTC, he is also social director of NTSC, a tournament director at ICTA, a “proud captain” of an N division hockey team, and vice-president of marketing at a communication company. Whew! His words of wisdom to new DTC joiners: “On a warm spring or summer day, there aren’t many places as nice as Davisville to spend your time with friends enjoying a sport that you love,” he enthuses. “Come to the club often and, pretty soon, you will be there all of the time.”

Ashli MacInnis – Vice President

Ashli has been “hanging out at tennis courts” much of her life, since both of her parents were avid players. Though she gave up the game for many years, her passion was re-ignited about 10 years ago, when she joined a regular Sunday morning ladies doubles group, and has “loved being back on the courts.” Though Ashli has been a member of Davisville only since 2016, she quickly made her mark at the club, becoming singles ladder champion in both 2016 and 2017, winning the women’s B doubles tournament in 2017, and subbing for the mixed B intercounty team last season. She calls tennis her “form of meditation.” “I forget about everything going on in my life when I step on the court. Even a bad day on the courts is a great release and I never don’t have fun playing this sport.” Working as admissions director for a Toronto girls’ school, Ashli counts herself lucky to “get to travel the world and share my passion for a remarkable educational experience.” She’s also a huge fan of board games, trivia, music and wine. Her advice to DTC newbies: “Don’t be scared to come alone and just tag up on the board. There is always someone wanting to play and it’s the absolute best way to meet people and get comfortable around the club,” she says. “Sitting on the hill and watching others play is also very social, and will definitely allow you to meet new people.” Following her own advice has certainly paid off for her. “Davisville rocks,” she exclaims. The club is made up of “an exceptional group of people who want to make your experience here the best it can be.”

Sarah Rogers – Secretary

Sarah has been a DTC member for more than 10 years and board secretary for eight seasons. Her “favourite part of Davisville is the people I’ve met and the friendships I’ve made.  It’s a pretty special community and I feel lucky to be part of it,” she says. To keep herself in tennis racquets and dress code-compliant gear, Sarah works in financial services. When it’s not tennis season, “you’ll find me running or playing hockey.” Her top tip for newcomers: “Come out and get involved,” she says. “There’s no better way to meet people than taking a lesson, playing in the Davisville Cup, going for a beer after social tennis or volunteering to help.”

Simon Kantor – Treasurer

Simon has been playing tennis since the age of 13, when he took up the game with friends on public courts in his hometown of Edmonton. A chartered accountant, he joined the club in 2013, and became treasurer in 2015, responsible for overseeing financial matters ranging from day-to-day duties such as bookkeeping and banking to preparing and presenting financial statements at the general board meeting. “I am fortunate to be part of a great team of board members and membership, which makes this club the great place that it is,” he says. His top tip: “If you want to play, just tag up. Someone will join you.”

Terry Brodie – Communications

Terry has been playing tennis for as long as she can remember, self-taught on cracked surfaces with fraying nets at suburban public hard courts in Toronto.  A journalist and editor by profession and a mother of two grown daughters, she has long loved the competitiveness, strategy and social camaraderie of the courts — and experiences the game as a great way to de-stress. A member of Davisville for four years who joined the board for the 2017 season, she advises all newcomers to “join as many activities as you can. Tag up, play ladders, join house league, enter tournaments and be part of social tennis. It’s the best way to meet and get to know other players at the club.” 

Gene Parker – Teams and Tournaments

One of the friendliest faces and most helping hands at Davisville, Gene joined the club about five years ago. Once at the club, “I found I could not stay away,” she adds. It’s no surprise that not long after joining DTC, Gene won the “most enthusiastic new member” award, followed the next year by the “volunteer of the year award.”  Calling herself a “late bloomer to tennis,” once she started, she found she really “enjoyed the game, especially playing doubles.” And while she considers herself competitive and likes to win – “who doesn’t?” she asks – she notes that “it’s also important for me to have fun and play with the many friends I have made at Davisville.” Gene becomes the director of teams and tournaments after chairing the portfolio last season. When not on the courts, Gene can often be found  cheering other players from the hill, or working at her other passion as a real estate agent.Her tip for new members:  “I encourage you to just come out: tag, play, watch (and) volunteer, and you will soon be part of this very special community.”

Nina Sampaleanu – Player Development

Nina has been a member of the club since 2013, and a board member since 2015. “I play tennis with passion, but I cheer (and comment) from the bench with even greater passion and zest,” she says. When not at Davisville, she is “in my studio struggling to make art out of wax, as an encaustic artist.” She’s modest about her artistic talent. Her advice to DTC newcomers: “Try to play in the competitive leagues and tournaments the club offers. It pushes you to always get better and implicitly to play more and stay active.”

Peter Cooney – Membership

Pete was just four years old when he first learned to play tennis at Iroquois Tennis Club in Scarborough. He has been a very involved Davisville member, serving as membership director in 2014-2015  before he returned to the role for the 2017 season, as well as volunteering for various club activities (which earned him the title of “volunteer of the year” in 2010. He has also played for Intercounty C, B and A teams over the past few years – not to mention that he was men’s B doubles champ in 2008.  “Don’t be afraid to come out to the courts on your own,” the father of two advises. “The tag board is a great way to meet other members and get a match in!”

Colin Sampaleanu – IT Director

Colin has been a club member since 2013 — when he won the “most enthusiastic new member award” — and a board member since the 2016 season. His professional background in software helps explain why he is so valued in his role at Davisville. Aside from playing tennis, his favourite pastimes include learning new languages and travelling. Colin’s tips for new members: “Try to push your limits a bit and go outside of your normal comfort zone, for example, talk to and play with some people you don’t know. Or take a group lesson or private lesson,” he says. “Or come to the club at a time you don’t normally come. While this may take a bit more effort, I think you will find that the payback is well worth it.”

Damian Chan – Social Director

Davisville’s new social director has loved playing tennis “since first picking up a racquet in primary school.” A relative newcomer to Davisville, having joined for the 2017 season, Damian’s enthusiasm for the club didn’t take long to be noticed. He volunteered for last year’s OTA 5.0 tournament and umpired the season’s women’s B singles and men’s C singles finals. It’s not a surprise that he earned the “most enthusiastic new male member” award last season. Damian, who works at a downtown social service agency, calls himself a “big racquet geek,” saying he collects and plays with several different ones. His words of wisdom to newcomers? “I love that the DTC community is so supportive of all levels of competition,” he says. “Sign up early for the leagues and ladders, as spots fill fast.”


  • Andrew Hansen – Teams and Tournaments Chair
  • TBA – Communications Chair
  • TBA – Social Chair
  • TBA – Player Development Chair


  • Brian Ahlberg – Head Pro
  • Rob Switzer – Assistant Pro
  • Julien Clouette Assistant Pro

2018 Staff

Mason Brooks – Clubhouse Manager

Eric Davidson – Court Steward

Alec Sampaleanu – Court Steward

Stephen Fanais  – Court Steward  

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