June Group Clinics

Brian, our pro, finalized the list of clinics he and his staff are going to offer May/June. You have until Monday May 20 at noon to familiarize yourselves with his offerings, decide which clinic is for you, create a profile on his website and be ready. Monday at noon the clinics become live and ready to be booked. You will have 24 hours to pay for your clinic.

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Update – In memory of Tony – fundraiser

Update 2019-4-27: Thank you Davisville, we managed to reach the set amount! Any extra funds donated will go towards the inauguration ceremony of the bench. Tony Sekvenc, a member of Davisville Tennis Club for more than 40 years, became a fixture at the club. His love for tennis was intense. He could be seen on-court at the club hitting for hours every day, playing the sport he loved, and additional hours off-court, on the hill or by the tag board, talking about the sport he loved. He played in good weather, he played in bad. I don't think Tony thought…

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Registration is now open for Intercounty, TLTL ladies — and our new mixed +55! –team tryouts

Registration is now open for tryouts for those interested in playing on Davisville’s competitive teams this summer. We will field three evening Intercounty teams: one Majors and two at the A level. We will also field a TLTL ladies daytime team, and we are excited to announce that we will also have a NEW Intercounty daytime mixed +55 team!  Here is information about the tryout dates and registration deadlines.


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2019 Winter Tennis Dates and Details

From all of us at Davisville: Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  Until we start talking about Opening Day for the 2019 season, we will continue to focus our attention on Winter Tennis events, which have been extremely well-attended and provided tons of fun for players on and off the courts. In fact, demand has been so high that we have great news: We have added a couple more dates,  notably Feb. 9 and March 23, and managed to secure six courts for these events at Mayfair West! The rest of our winter schedule will continue as already planned, with…

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Intercounty Teams – 2 tales of achievement and one tale of survival

The B team: Under the watchful eye of their captain Stuart Teather, the entire team got plenty of opportunities to showcase their skill and determination. The statistics tell a story of "steady does it" by posting important wins at opportune times against their main opponents. They will move up in the world, hoping that next year they will be taking on the A division! Congratulations to all of them! Susana La Rosa not only contributed with 6 important points, but she also proudly and skillfully assembled together a picture of the entire team. If some characters appear distorted in the above…

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Davisville Cup 2018 – Come fly with me – GROUNDED

Despite some really strong efforts on behalf of the committee, conflicting schedules and a very busy season have not allowed us to make the kind of progress that we were hoping for to make the event memorable and successful. For these reasons, Davisville Cup scheduled for September 8th, has been cancelled. We hope that next year we will be able to bring the event back bigger and better than ever when our calendar and schedule are a little less crowded. Should you wish to support Philpott, there are a number of ways to do so.  You can send a donation…

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OTA 5.0 Tournament – Finals

This year's OTA 5.0 Tournament at Davisville was a celebration of tennis, sportsmanship and determination. The heat and humidity added an extra dimension to the already heavy schedule. Some players had to play 2 singles and 2 doubles matches in one day! We saw beautiful sportsmanship, with Mario Albu calling his own serve out, with Chris Urquhart thanking all volunteers and players for their dedication, after loosing a difficult final in three sets, with Mary Hall congratulating Elbee for some of her amazing shots. And what can we say about the tennis...great quality, amazing comebacks, courageous fights on tired and…

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OTA 5.0 Provincial Championships – Draws

Starting Friday August 3rd, Davisville Tennis Club is hosting the OTA 5.0 Provincial Championship. Fifty seven players from Ontario are battling out on our newly repainted courts. We invite the entire club to come and cheer on their favorite players. Our own Jason Christie is looking to defend his title. To make things even better - FREE BBQ Sunday at 12pm! 5.0 Provincial Championships - Women's Singles Draw - 2018 5.0 Provincial Championships - Men's Singles Draw - 2018

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