Anna Zaytseva
Head Tennis Assistant

- Tennis Canada Certified Instructor
- Tennis Canada Certified Wheelchair Instructor
- Tennis Canada Club Professional 2 Certified

Anna is excited to be back at Davisville Tennis Club as Head Tennis Assistant for the 2017 season.

Anna is an experienced, dedicated and passionate tennis professional who has been coaching juniors and adults for about twenty years in Canada and Russia.

She is known for her ability to give beginners a fast start and for challenging experienced players to strive towards the next level. Her goal is to make students of any level learn and enjoy the game of tennis.

Anna is a professional at TSC (The Supreme Court). She also has been the Head Tennis Professional at Bellbury Tennis Club, and Junior Development Coach at North York Tennis Association. Anna was vital to the implementation and success of a program called “Little Aces”, a Tennis Canada initiative to create more affordable junior programming in the North York area.

Anna's philosophy:

Adults deserve to have fun.  I try to allow my students learn through real game scenarios.  Fun + skills + a real work-out are guaranteed on my court.



Contact Anna

You can contact Anna at:
(647) 969-3796


Fee Schedule

Private Lesson: $45.00 per hour
Semi Private: $25.00 per person per hour
3 Person Group: $20.00 per person per hour
4 Person Group: $15.00 per person per hour