COVID-19: An update from DTC’s president on our club

To all Davisville members, 

We hope this message finds you, and your extended family and friends, healthy and safe during these uncertain times. 

The difference that each of us makes will bring us closer every day to a more normal world again, where friends and neighbours can meet without concern. 

Many of you will have heard that the City of Toronto has closed all city amenities and cancelled all seasonal permits until June 28.  This includes our permit to operate at Davisville.  We will have no access to the courts or club house until June 29, at the very earliest. 

The board has been virtually meeting bi-weekly since the middle of March to unplan and plan, and unplan and plan our summer season.  We want to remain attentive to the situation and be prepared, regardless of how things go.

 If there is a season this year, then we will plan to provide you with all of the great fun that Davisville is known for, within any restrictions still in place. This would make us very happy. 

 If there isn’t a viable season, and the club needs to remain shut for the year, then we will, of course, follow the City’s and health advisor’s advice and do so. 

What this means, as far as your membership goes, is still to be mostly decided, based on what happens.  If there is a season, then we won’t spend as much money on balls and staff and other variable costs as we would in a regular year, and we should be able to offer a credit at the end of the year toward next year’s membership for returning members, or a refund if desired. 

If there is no season, then there are still some fixed expenses that the club incurs, but a larger credit (or refund if desired) will be issued to all of our members. 

We are certainly hopeful that we will be out on our courts soon, and be able to welcome back our returning members, and finally get to meet our new members!

 If you would like to stay in touch with us in a more ongoing way, then please feel free to look us up on Facebook. 

We would be glad to have you. 

Thank you for being part of the solution, and all the best to each of you. 

Stuart ,

President of Davisville Tennis Club,

On behalf of the entire board

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