DTC weekday daytime play: It’s a go!!

Thank you to all DTC members who came out to or sent proxies for our recent special general meeting.

The motion to change the definition of an “Associate member” passed! 
So we are now going ahead with the plan to give all current members access to courts during the day on weekdays, and open up a new category of daytime membership!

Just to recap, here’s how the definition changes:  

Previous: Associate Members: Membership in this classification shall be at the discretion of the Executive Committee.  Associate Members shall not be entitled to playing privileges, to hold office nor to participate in or vote at meetings of the members.

New: Associate Members: Membership in this classification entitles the member to play during weekday daytime hours as determined by the board.  Associate Members cannot hold office nor participate in nor vote at meetings of the members.

If you were unable to attend the meeting, please click here to see the presentation made by our president, Stuart Teather. 

It will further explain the rationale for the change, what a daytime associate membership will look like, who might benefit from becoming an associate member, how daytime booking  for all club members will work, and much more!

We are very excited for this change as part of a great 2020 season to come. Keep an eye out here for further details.

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