Come to a special meeting on DTC weekday daytime play!

Come to a special meeting on DTC weekday daytime play!

T here’s no better way to start 2020 than to consider exciting changes for the upcoming season!  So please make time to join us for a special general meeting to vote on opening the club for daytime membership! The meeting will be held on Monday, Jan. 13, 2020, at 7 p.m. at Mount Pleasant Road Baptist Church, at 527 Mount Pleasant Ave.

The proposal being put forward will give all current members access to courts during the day, allow for summer camps, and give more members of the community the opportunity to join DTC with a daytime membership

To make this happen, we are proposing a motion to change the definition of an “Associate Member” as follows:

 Current:Associate Members: Membership in this classification shall be at the discretion of the Executive Committee.  Associate Members shall not be entitled to playing privileges, to hold office nor to participate in or vote at meetings of the members.

Proposed:Associate Members: Membership in this classification entitles the member to play during weekday daytime hours as determined by the board.  Associate Members cannot hold office nor participate in nor vote at meetings of the members.We invite you to learn more about our plans, pricing, booking opportunities, benefits, etc. at this special meeting.

We hope you will attend the meeting but if you cannot come, please let your voice be heard on this proposal by requesting a proxy.
The deadline to request a proxy is Jan. 8, 2020, at 9 p.m. The deadline to return your signed proxy (scanned or as a photo) is Jan. 10, 2020, at  9 p.m.

To both request and return a proxy,  please e-mail our secretary here. .
We will have refreshments at the meeting, so please let us know your plans to attend by clicking here