Erika Dimitriev: a Davisville tennis story

Erika Dimitriev: a Davisville tennis story

Although she is already an “old member” at Davisville Tennis Club, Erika is a very young tennis player who achieved a lot in her career. As of June 2019 she can list U16 Provincial Champion as her accomplishment! Congratulations Erika! You make us proud!

Erika is part of the NYTA Junior program, where she learns her skills, but she chooses to apply those skills at Davisville, where she crashes everything in her way. When only 12 years old, she beat a lot of ladies in her first Davisville tournament with scores that are too embarrassing to mention. She played with her father in mixed tournaments and with Perla in ladies doubles tournaments. Just weeks ago she won the Mixed A doubles Tournament with Justin Belanger. Few years ago she joined the A Intercounty team where she won 10 of 12 matches during the entire season. This is her second year playing at Majors level where she has a perfect score. When she steps on that court she means business, just watch out for that topspin lefty forehand! I still don’t understand how can so much power be generated by such skinny arms…

Lovely player, bubbly personality, smart student, hard worker – she has everything. But most of all, she has two amazing parents, Elitza and Mario who managed to transfer their love for the sport to her and her sister Andrea. When they do not drive the girls around to tennis related activities, they are on Davisville courts improving their own skills.

We wish her all the best in her future tennis career. Congratulations and keep smiling Erika!

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