Update – In memory of Tony – fundraiser

Update 2019-4-27: Thank you Davisville, we managed to reach the set amount! Any extra funds donated will go towards the inauguration ceremony of the bench.

Tony Sekvenc, a member of Davisville Tennis Club for more than 40 years, became a fixture at the club.

His love for tennis was intense. He could be seen on-court at the club hitting for hours every day, playing the sport he loved, and additional hours off-court, on the hill or by the tag board, talking about the sport he loved. He played in good weather, he played in bad. I don’t think Tony thought a day was complete without some tennis in it.

Over many years of hitting, and watching other people playing, Tony built up an intimate understanding of the tennis stroke. You could recognize Tony from a great distance, just by the smooth, easy strokes with which he hit that ball, hour after hour. Yet despite that, if you asked Tony, he would tell you even in his last years that he was always trying to improve his form. 

Tony loved to share his knowledge. And let’s not make any bones about it, he was not a “touchy-feely” kind of teacher. Almost anybody who has been on a court will him will remember being chided, “Relax, you’re too tense!”. But in the end, he cared deeply about helping you become a better tennis player.

Tony passed away peacefully on Friday April 27, 2018 at St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto in his 70th year. He is gone but will not be forgotten by the many people he impacted at DTC.

We, his friends, are asking you to help us raise money together via  this campaign to fund the purchase of a commemorative bench plaque to honour Tony  through the City of Toronto’s “Commemorative Bench” program. The plaque will be placed on a bench on the hill overlooking the courts.

On opening day, club members donated $510 in-person towards this cause. We have now opened this online campaign in the amount of $2150 which is the remainder needed (including approximately 4% in GoFundMe charges) for the plaque.

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