Winter Tennis Dates and Details

Winter Tennis Dates and Details

The time of the year in which the term “Winter Tennis” needs to be used, has arrived. As in the past years, Davisville Club tries to fight nature and prolong the tennis season by renting indoor courts for our members. This season we secured 4 courts (sometimes 5) at Mayfair West, every second Saturday, starting Nov 10. Each event runs for 2 hours, 5.30pm to 7.30pm , round robin format.

We will send out a registration email Sunday or Monday before the event, to all our members. The day of the event you will get a reminder email. We ask people on the list to arrive at least 15 min earlier in order to sign up and maybe warm up in the gym. We will try to organize players based on tennis skills to ensure fun and  competitive play at the same time.

In keeping with Davisville traditions, after play participants can talk about tennis and watch the Raptors/Leafs at a bar close to Mayfair West over a glass of something.

Mayfair west is located at 3855 Chesswood Dr, North York, ON M3J 2P6. It is accessible by TTC and it also has a generous parking lot in front of the entrance.

The cost for each event is $20 cash, payable at the courts.

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