Intercounty Teams – 2 tales of achievement and one tale of survival

Intercounty Teams – 2 tales of achievement and one tale of survival

The B team: Under the watchful eye of their captain Stuart Teather, the entire team got plenty of opportunities to showcase their skill and determination. The statistics tell a story of “steady does it” by posting important wins at opportune times against their main opponents. They will move up in the world, hoping that next year they will be taking on the A division! Congratulations to all of them!

Susana La Rosa not only contributed with 6 important points, but she also proudly and skillfully assembled together a picture of the entire team. If some characters appear distorted in the above picture, please blame her and only her.

The Majors team: Natasha Kent directed the team to the Finals at Aviva Centre for the 3rd time in the last 4 years! No other Major team managed to be so consistently good for so many years in a row. The team played the entire season with a lot of grit, passion, flair and talent, bringing some amazing tennis to Davisville for all to watch. They qualified to play at Aviva Centre where they lost 4-1. Let’s hope that next year they will bring home the “real” trophy!

The A team: They tried, they really did…The more they practiced the worse the results. The team leaders, Theo Kolovos and Nina Sampaleanu were clearly inefficient at leading this team. A bit more of a dictatorial approach would have been more appropriate maybe? In the end, the A team ended in the 7th position (out of 8!) But…they keep practicing…as the last meeting at St Louis Bar and Grill can attest.

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