OTA 5.0 Tournament – Finals

OTA 5.0 Tournament – Finals

This year’s OTA 5.0 Tournament at Davisville was a celebration of tennis, sportsmanship and determination. The heat and humidity added an extra dimension to the already heavy schedule. Some players had to play 2 singles and 2 doubles matches in one day! We saw beautiful sportsmanship, with Mario Albu calling his own serve out, with Chris Urquhart thanking all volunteers and players for their dedication, after loosing a difficult final in three sets, with Mary Hall congratulating Elbee for some of her amazing shots. And what can we say about the tennis…great quality, amazing comebacks, courageous fights on tired and sometimes cramping legs, and smart strategies (Glenn’s “serve and volley” was captivating to watch).

Singles Men Final: Champion – Jason Christie, Finalist – Chris Urquhart

Singles Ladies Final: Champion- Mary Hall, Finalist – Elbee Du

Doubles Men Final: Champions- Brian Ahlberg and Stan Nevolovich, Finalists: Chris Urquhart and Cyrus Elmpak-Mackie

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