Opening Day - April 26

Make sure that you join us for the first day of the season as we welcome everyone back to the club. There will be lots of everything to do on that day, and so bring your appetite, your racquet and all of your best wishes for the great season ahead.

We get started at 10:00am!

Preparation Day - April 19

If you are available, and willing to help out, there will be no lack of things to do at the club on April 19. Windscreens have to go up.  The club house needs to get ready, tags need to be put up, a thorough cleaning of the courts is on the slate and lots of other things to be set for the following weekend.  We would love to see you there.


Spring 2014 Group Lessons Announced!

Everybody can get better with the proper instruction, and DTC members have the luxury of taking lessons from Alastair Millar, one of only ten Club Professional 3’s in the country. This certification is the highest designation of Tennis Canada’s Club Professional stream.  Our very popular Spring Group Lesson sessions have been posted under the Learn tab above, with first chance to sign up being on Opening Day at the Clubhouse.  Private and semi-private lessons are also available.

Please note that any monies owing for lessons are payable directly to the pro, at the time of your first lesson.  We accept cash, EMT or cheque payable to Alastair Millar.


Hey New Members! (and unrated old members)

DTC has a tag-up system for reserving court time. Each tag displays a member’s name and rating level which allows you to tag up with players of equal experience. Members without a rating level on their tag may have trouble reserving court time. Consequently, new members are strongly encouraged to get rated early in the season. A list of new member rating dates and times has been posted under the Play tab above, and will be posted in the Clubhouse. You can register for a session on Opening Day or with one of the court monitors.

Important note - all Davisville members must be rated by the end of 2014 to be considered as a returning member.  Also, unrated members will not be allowed to compete in Davisville tournaments.  Re-rating sessions will be scheduled, usually for near the end of each month.


Team Tryouts

Register now for our league team tryouts. Visit our League Teams page for more information.

Intercounty Mixed C Tryouts
April 29, 30 and May 1
NYTA North Bubble (2975 Don Mills Road)
Registration deadline: April 25 at midnight

Daytime Ladies C Tryout
Wednesday, April 30
Davisville Tennis Club
Registration deadline: April 28 at midnight


Past champion? Ensure your legacy!

Davisville's permanent trophies haven't been updated in a decade, so we've embarked on a major engraving project. However, we're missing the names of some of the winners. If you've contested tournaments in the past, check out the "Past Winners" list on the bottom right side of the Tournament Page. If you spot any errors or can fill in any blanks, please send an email to


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Junior Progams & Camps


Important Events & Dates

Preparation Day - Saturday, April 19

Opening Day - April 26, 2014

Intercounty C Tryouts - NYTA North Bubble
April 29, 30, May 1

Daytime Ladies C Tryouts
Wednesday, April 30

Spring 2014 Newsletter