Check out our updated Calendar!

What is the season at Davisville going to look like?  Check out the calendar (upper right)!  There are some small changes to be made to it once we receive the Intercounty schedule and confirm some other information, but the dates are all there.  Take a look at what the season has to offer.

Psssst ... the nets are up!

Spring Group Lessons Announced

Your DTC membership includes access to some of the best tennis instruction available, so get your game rolling by signing up for one of DTC's Spring Group Lessons.  Dates and further information are posted under the Learn tab above.  Lessons are very popular and spots are limited so be sure to attend Opening Day for first crack at registering.

Club members can expedite sign-up by registering at the new Supreme Courts website, where after Opening Day they will be able to register for group lessons throughout the season.  The link is here: Supreme Courts website

Hey New Members - Get Rated!

All DTC members are required to have an assigned tennis rating to enjoy full court tagging rights and play in club tournaments.  New members are strongly encouraged to get rated early in the season.  Dates and further information are posted under the Play tab above.

New Programming at Davisville


We are adding a new program to the schedule at Davisville this year - House League.  Returning members will be saying 'WHAT????  We have always had House League'.  True, but old House League will now be called Social Tennis.  The new House League will be a real house league with players playing competitive matches as a team against other 'houses' at the club on Saturday evenings.  Want more information??  House League Information can be found under Compete; Social Tennis under Play.   We are looking for 96 of our members to join!  This will be huge!

Davisville would like to welcome Anna Zaytseva - Our new Assistant Pro

Anna will be a great addition to Davisville for the 2015 season. Check out Anna's tennis history!

We look to meeting Anna on Opening Day - April 25 and the contributions that she will make to the club and to all of our games!
Davisville Opening Day - April 25 - starts at 10:00am
We are eager to get going!  Come and join us starting at 10:00am when you can sign up for everything to get your season off and running.  New Member Ratings, Lessons, Ladder, House League, Social Tennis, Davisville Cup.  Play some tennis, have some breakfast and lunch, and then join us for even more fun in the evening.  There will be orientation sessions throughout the day.  Group Lesson and New Member Rating schedules will be published shortly.
Opening Day Party - Union Social - April 25 at 8:00pm
We tell everyone that we are a social club at Davisville, and then every year we go out and prove it.  This year, we will start `proving it`at Union Social - 21 St. Clair West.  Come out and help us to push forward the boundaries on fun.  Everything will be done up right for you and so come early, and stay late!
2015 Intercounty Try out Information

If you are interested in trying out for any of Davisville's Intercounty teams (Majors, A, B) - check out the team link under compete or click here. Register here for tryouts now!



Congratulations to those that made our Majors and A teams.  Check out your teams.



Davisville Sold Out for 2015!

Davisville is a popular place!  If you want to help make our club even better in 2016, make sure your join our waiting list.  You will get a registration email in February 2016!



Past champion? Ensure your legacy!

We have made great strides in the last year fleshing out the missing names from our trophies.  We are missing some important information from 2001 however.  If you know who won things in 2001, please let us know.  We are looking to update all of our trophies very soon.

Davisville's permanent trophies haven't been updated in a decade, so we've embarked on a major engraving project. However, we're missing the names of some of the winners. If you've contested tournaments in the past, check out the "Past Winners" list on the bottom right side of the Tournament Page. If you spot any errors or can fill in any blanks, please send an email to


Davisville Cup - Raises $13,000+

A big thank you to all of those that came out and supported Davisville Cup. Whether you donated silent auction items, came by and bid, played, captained a team or helped to organize the day, everything came together fabulously! Davisville couldn't be more proud of all of you and the difference that your participation makes for others. $13,000 allows 520 kids to participate in summer camps through Philpott. On Saturday, we changed some lives!

Aug. 24 at 3 pm - LADIES B FINAL: Erika Dimitriev def. (1) Nina Sampaleanu 6-0, 6-3
Aug. 24 at 12:30 pm - MEN'S C FINAL: (3) Spyros Passios def. Mohammad Reghabi 6-2, 5-7, 7-5
Aug. 24 at 10 am - LADIES C FINAL: (2) Yuet Wong def. Vita Wong 6-3, 6-1
Aug. 18 at 3 pm - MEN'S A FINAL: (1) Jason Christie def. (3) Francisco Chavez 6-3, 6-2
Aug. 18 at 11 am - MEN'S B FINAL: (9) Tim Roy def. (1) Kris Dmytrenko 6-4, 6-2

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Important Dates



APRIL 22 - Daytime Ladies C TEAM




Weekly Schedule

Tuesday April 14 - 3 courts reserved at 4:00

Wednseday April 15 - 3 courts reserved at 4:00

Thursday April 16 - 3 courts reserved at 4:00