Davisville searching for new Head Pro

Applications for Davisville's Head Tennis Professional are now being accepted through until December 3 at midnight.  Details about the application are contained in the job description below.

Job Description

Davisville Closed for the season

It is never fun to write that something as good as our 2017 season is over ... but it is.  Yes, the nets are still up and the lights are still on in the evenings, but the club is now officially closed.

That means we will be looking to winter tennis to fill our time, and get some fun.  It also means that we will, at some point, need to take down all of the stuff that helps to make the clubs playable.  We will keep you informed.

A huge thank you to all of our members who helped to make our 50th Anniversary season a great one!

Winter Tennis

Yes, Davisville does play tennis in the winter!  We just do it at other facilities and on other courts.  We have court time booked at both Mayfair West and The Supreme Court.  If you are a member, you will get an email from us inviting you to attend.  Dates and times can be found in the IMPORTANT DATES area to the right.

New for 2018 ...

Davisville already has plans for 2018.  The club will feature a new Head Pro, a new website, and freshly resurfaced courts and, of course, other goodies.  Are you in?

Davisville Waitlist

Want to get in on the fun?  Click on the JOIN tab and get onto our wait list.  There isn't any cost to do this!  You will get an email from the club in February confirming your interest and asking you to send money to us.  If we have space, we would be ecstatic to have you as a member at Davisville.




Davisville Cup 2017: A smashing success!

Davisville, a round of applause: On another fantastic and fun-filled Davisville Cup day, we raised more than $12,000 for Philpott Children's Fund, helping to provide free tennis camps to disadvantaged kids in our city.

There were 54 Davisville members (60 including volunteers) participating in our annual charity tournament, dressed as cheerleaders and goths, preppies and jocks, rockers and geeks, at our high school reunion-themed event. Our top fundraisers were Jeff Holz, Lucie Barbera and Terry Brodie.

And the winning team was the Goths: Tara Kitts, Ryan Lapschies, Mason Brooks, Danielle Butula, Lucie Barbera, Alec Sampaneau, Chris Albertyn, Yuet Wong and Martin Chang-Kue!

There are many people to thank for helping to create such a great event: our co-chairs, Heather Brooks and Jeff Holz, along with our planning committee and team captains, as well as our DJ, Theri, MC, Alastair Millar, participants, sponsors, and all of those who pledged their support. 

Aug. 24 at 12:30 pm - MEN'S C FINAL: (3) Spyros Passios def. Mohammad Reghabi 6-2, 5-7, 7-5
Aug. 24 at 10 am - LADIES C FINAL: (2) Yuet Wong def. Vita Wong 6-3, 6-1
Aug. 18 at 3 pm - MEN'S A FINAL: (1) Jason Christie def. (3) Francisco Chavez 6-3, 6-2
Aug. 18 at 11 am - MEN'S B FINAL: (9) Tim Roy def. (1) Kris Dmytrenko 6-4, 6-2



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Monthly Calendar


Courts open daily with lights in the evening (as weather allows).
All hours at Davisville are now PUBLIC hours until the end of the season.

We hope to have the nets up as long as the weather allows.


Nov. 18:  The Supreme Court, 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Four courts. For players rated 3.5 and above  $15

Nov. 25:  Mayfair West, 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Four courts. Players of all ratings  $20 +social

Dec 2:  The Supreme Court,  6 p.m. to  8 p.m. Four courts. For players rated 3 and under.  $15

Dec 9:  Mayfair West, 5.30 p.m. and  7:30 p.m. Four courts. For players rated 3.5 and above. $20 + social

Dec 16:  Mayfair West, 5.30 p.m. to 7.30 p.m. Four courts. For players of all ratings. $20 +social





Saturday - 9pm - 11pm
Sunday - 6pm - 11pm

Appropriate footwear must be worn.
Courts to be used for tennis activity only.